About us

"coronnation" is a young Berlin based startup with focus on establishing a record label with the goal to provide fair conditions and respectful treatment of artists from the genres Rock, Punk, Metal & Alternative.

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CEO Paul-Philipp Kuschy



Paul-Philipp Kuschy is managing director and partner and, in addition to the business side, takes care of all kinds of technical matters. As a passionate guitarist and sound and lighting engineer, Paul makes his broad specialist knowledge available on many topics.

Stefan Fenzke (partner)


Second shareholder

Stefan Fenzke is coronnation's second shareholder and takes care of things like band support, product development and works behind the camera for photo and video recordings.

Ralph Swan Krieger (Producer, Artist & Repertoire)

Ralph "Swan" Krieger

Producer, A&R

Ralph "Swan" Krieger had the original idea for coronnation and is producer and artist & repertoire lead. With over 35 years of experience in the music business as a professional (studio) musician, who is himself active in bands such as "Tangent Plane" or "Edge of Ever", Ralph can actively support young musicians with his extensive experience and musical skills.

Our story

The idea for “coronnation” came about – as the name suggests – under the influence of the global pandemic. The virus has particularly hit semi-professional bands from the metal sector:

  • Tours have been canceled
  • Releases had to be postponed
  • almost all income opportunities have disappeared

The initial plan was to found a non-profit organization that would help up-and-coming bands find their way in the jungle of the music business and provide them with professional advice while also producing selected bands directly. Ultimately, however, it turned out that it was necessary to found our own record label, which is also commercially active, but works with the artists on an equal footing and helps them to avoid the numerous dangers that the music business brings with it. This is how “coronnation’s FAIR TRADE MUSIC” was born.